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Student Accessibility Services

At the Ridgetown Campus we work to offer support for students with disabilities by removing physical and educational barriers and by encouraging healthy, open communication among faculty, staff and students.

Ridgetown Campus offers a variety of accommodations and supports so we encourage you to connect with Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

New Students

If you are a student with a disability and will be requesting support and/or academic accommodations you must register with Student Accessibility Services.

Students are responsible for providing appropriate documentation to support their learning needs. Please read the Documentation Requirements for more information.

Students registering with Student Accessibility Services must complete and return the Learning Needs Intake Form. After all documentations are received, you will be required to have a meeting with Amy Wszol to review and finalize your academic accommodations.

4 Simple Steps to Registering with Student Accessibility Services:

  1. Let us know you are coming
  2. Send your documentation
  3. Complete & Return your Learning Needs Intake Form
  4. Schedule an appointment with Amy Wszol

If you have any questions or inquiries please contact

Additional Resources

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Information for Parents

Current Students

Students must re-register with Student Accessibility Services each academic school year. Please contact rcsas@uoguelph.ca to re-register.

Student Responsibilities: Disability Services follows the Diploma Program Calendar

Students must be aware of their responsibilities and the disability procedures pertaining to accommodations and writing tests/exam.

DEADLINE for booking tests and exams:
7 days prior to the semester test date.
Exam must be requested by the 40th school date.
Requests can be made through rcsas@uoguelph.ca online booking site.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to provide accurate test dates and times. If the exam format or test date changes after you have made your request, you must contact rcsas@uoguelph.ca immediately

Additional Resources

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